We are a dedicated chess club that had a very interesting idea. We wanted to create a chess site that everyone can use. Our diligence for this site will be proven effective by meeting all your needs for this site. This is who we are, Chess For All. Our site allowes you to use four features that you will not see in any other online chess registration platforms. We allow you to create and advertise tournaments, create and advertise simuls, create chess lesson advertisements for coaches, and create a club page in which you can put information that is relevant for your club since it is your OWN club page! You can also have your own club chat!

If you have not join yet, feel free to join. It is FREE! Join us now.

Why Us?

We are more efficient than any online chess registration platform there is. We have allowed our users to maximize their potential by enabling them to use many features so they can decide how they want to use our site. These are the main reasons why Chess For All has been better than any other online chess registration platform available.

How We Started

We started out by creating small tournaments in Minnesota. We are very dedicated to spread the message that chess registration should be available to anyone who needs it. That was our vision for the creation of our Chess For All site. We want you to enjoy using our site and hope that many participants will come to your tournaments!